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New and Improved!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new and improved website! As you can see, it's gotten quite the facelift. And I must say I'm quite excited about it :)

For anyone who has been attempting to keep up, you would probably agree that the improvements were very much needed. Since the old website was created, I've since changed my name, added things to my plate, taken other things off, and have been improving both as a writer and as a person. Not to mention that my old hosting program was severely outdated and then shut down without warning... yeah that was fun to find out!

Anyway, I took that as an opportunity for growth and change. I decided to remove my page focused on a cappella arrangements because it's been nearly a decade since I've arranged anything for a cappella. If someone would like access to any of my old arrangements, I'm just an email away, but I'm certainly not doing new ones any more. I was able to re-create some old posts and announcements from when "The Guide" was taking off and announcing new productions, and I'm excited for there to be plenty of new news moving forward in the years to come. I'll do my best to occasionally share newer songs on here as well!

So here is my official welcome to the new and improved! Within a month or so, if you go to, it should still redirect you straight here. Excited for the journey ahead and to share it with you!

All the love, Alexi

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