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Sometimes I write pop music

Sometimes when I’m caught up in some writers block, I make myself write something – anything actually. It doesn’t have to be part of the project I’m working on, it just has to be something to keep my creative juices flowing. So last week, I sat down and decided to write, and I came up with this song. As I was writing I decided to make it an exercise on simplicity and ambiguity, allowing myself to be less specific; the point being to allow the listener to take away what they want and not just what I want. The MT writer in me had some difficulty with this, but it ended up being pretty cathartic. Anyway, intellectual BS aside, I was happy with the result. I was visiting my brother and was lucky enough to get his roommate to play guitar for me and we did a quick demo recording of it. And with that, here is something new and different from the mind of Alexi – enjoy!

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